Books by Bill Nash

Bill Nash is the author of three books. His most recent book Stolen Dream was released on May 2, 2015.

Stolen Dream

Dreams die hard. One of those dreams becomes a nightmare for the small town of Los Robles. A brilliant young man turns to murder to seek revenge against those he holds responsible for ending his dream. The wife of once-promising reporter Tommy Upton becomes the first victim in the series of brutal attacks. Seeking redemption and justice, Upton assists the town Sheriff to catch his wife's killer and end the community's worst nightmare.

Fog Delay

When a fog delay at San Francisco International Airport complicates his escape from a bank-bombing he has committed, James Donato becomes explosively angry. He’s a demolitions expert, and when something upsets him, he makes it disappear. Now, Donato has sworn revenge against San Francisco International Airport. The head of security at SFO, Victoria Kilpatrick, and veteran firefighter, Mark Saxon, will face the most dangerous challenge of their careers as they try to stop Donato. Kilpatrick and Saxon will oppose the FBI, ATF and others as they try to apprehend Donato before he can destroy the airport, and their careers.

Oil, Orchards and Flames

Oil, Orchards and Flames traces 150 years of firefighting in the small southern California city of Santa Paula that was home to both the California oil and citrus industries. The history of the Santa Paula Fire Department is detailed as it grew along with the industries that shaped the city.