About Bill

Bill Nash is a professional writer from Camarillo, California. He has written two novels, a historical non-fiction and countless pieces in various newspapers and magazines.


Bill has been writing for over two decades and has been featured in national publications such as The Rotarian, as well as countless regional and local publications. While best known for his weekly column in the Ventura County Star, Bill has written about subjects ranging from current events to travel to history. 


When Bill is not writing, he is spending time with family, golfing, watching the Dodgers or Packers and living the Southern California life.

What some readers have to say:  

"Oil, Orchards and Flames by Bill Nash is a great read, especially for those who love history and the excitement of brave firefighters. Nash's book blends the history of unique Santa Paula into how a fire department was born after a devastating 1903 blaze destroyed much of the city's bustling downtown.

The firefighter lurking in all of us will burst into flames by reading Nash's informative and entertaining book."


- Peggy K.

"I bought this book because I read and enjoy Bill Nash's weekly column in our Sunday Paper. The plot was interesting, as were the characters and their histories. Each of the main characters got a chance to tell the story from their point of view. The researched details about how the airport operated added to the story line



- Barbara B.

"This is one of those books you should start knowing you'll want to finish it that day. The writing is fast paced and the story is gripping. I really appreciated all the research that went into the locations and the characters. This made the story more intriguing and gripping to me as Bill Nash's narrative was very realistically written.


I can't wait for the next one!"


- John N.