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This is site dedicated to the columns, photography, travel articles and other writings of Bill Nash. View a photo, read a column or travel article, and learn about the world as Bill sees it. Browse and enjoy!

My first book, "Oil, Orchards and Flames," has been re-released as an e-book. The book traces 150 years of firefighting in the small Southern California city of Santa Paula that was home to both the California oil and citrus industries. The history of the Santa Paula Fire Department is detailed as it grew along with the industries that shaped the city. You can purchase "Oil, Orchards and Flames" at, Barnes & and


Get your copy now! Bill's novel, Fog Delay, is a thriller set at San Francisco International Airport. Fog Delay can be purchased at The Best of VC Marketplace (108 N. 10th St., Santa Paula), the Santa Paula Art Museum or Mrs. Figs' Bookworm (93 Daily Dr., Camarillo). Or, it is available as a hardcover,paperback or e-book at, and

Bill Nash is a columnist, free-lance writer and photographer based in Southern California. Bill writes a weekly column for the Ventura County Star. The column combines humor, family values and current events to give readers a break from the hard news of the day and perhaps bring a smile or a moment of reflection to soften the world for a moment or two. His column first appeared over 17 years ago and has been running weekly ever since, the last 14 years in the Star.

Bill also writes travel articles and takes photographs to illustrate them. He has published stories from California, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Italy, Korea and more.

Also a published author, Bill has written a book, Oil, Orchards and Flames, a history of the fire department in Santa Paula, a small community in Southern California. The book is available online from the publisher, Xlibris (

Bill is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

To contact Bill, send an e-mail to:  or visit his Facebook page at!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1832539738.

 See my travel story on the Alabama Hills. More than 300 movies have been filmed in this beautiful but rugged area of the eastern Sierras:

Visit the Ventura County Star to read my column for Sunday, September 30, 2012:

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Bill Nash

Bill is a free-lance photo journalist living in Southern California.

Oil, Orchards and Flames

Oil, Orchards and Flames is Bill's first book. It chronicles the history of the Santa Paula Fire Department while tracing the development of Santa Paula through the growth of two historic and important local companies, the Union Oil Company and Limoneira.

Close Encounter

There aren't many crocodiles left in Florida, so it's a rare treat to see one. Just don't get close enough to meet one!

Forsyth Park Fountain

The Forsyth Park Fountain is one of the most-photographed sites in Savannah, GA.

Water Taxi

A water taxi is the fastest way across the harbor in Nassau in the Bahamas.

Idaho Irrigation

An irrigation sprinkler makes its way across an Idaho alfalfa field.

Opera House Detail

The roof of the Sydney Opera House is designed to represent sails. The opera house sit alongside the harbor in Sydney, Australia.

Union Station

Union Station in Kansas City is a beautiful representative of public architecture.

Savannah River

The early morning sun lights up a tugboat crossing the Savannah River.


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